About Us

Toros Örgü

TOROS ÖRGÜ started production in 1970 with rope and hemp, linen, rope and clothesline types, and has expanded and continues to expand its product range with the latest technology, working in line with new varieties and demands to meet the needs of the sector.

Our research and development studies continue, we renew ourselves, our products and technology according to consumer needs and expectations, and we continue our investments.

To meet not only domestic demands but also demands from abroad; Our efforts to gain an important place in the European and World markets continue.
As a result of the responsibility of being the focal point of quality, trust and service relationships and the importance we attach to teamwork, customer satisfaction always comes first for us.

"You ask, we produce."


Production started with rope and hemp.


In 1980, our production began to diversify with linen, rope and washing line.


As the second generation in the sector in 1990, we strengthened our leadership position and provide services in accordance with sector expectations.


We worked in the European and World markets to meet market needs.


We started to diversify by adding the production of cloth bags, promotional products, towels and bathrobes, and spa products.


With our products that have changed and diversified as the third generation under the same brand, we continued to expertly analyze the increasing customer demands and produce solutions.


In 2023, we took a big step to modernize our machinery. Our innovation process aims to integrate the latest technologies in the industry to provide more efficient production and competitive advantages.